Earlier this year, when the pandemic seemed to be letting up, the enchanting Maitama suburb of Abuja was lit, on a quiet Thursday night, by a convergence of high-fashion creatives, from designers to bloggers, all gathered to share ideas, create memories and toast to a post-pandemic success for the sector. 

Organised by erudite Abuja-based luxury fashion designer, Yutee Rone, the private experience was a feast of fine cuisine, champagne and euphoria. The creme of Abuja fashion creatives networked and all witnessed the brilliance of YR’s Founder, Yutee. 

According to Yutee, the event was necessary to bridge the gap influenced by the social distancing measures of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has adversely affected the vital ideation and exhibitions amid the fashion sector. 

Yutee also announced her next collection, which was set to launch in Easter, in Abuja, to the admiration of all in attendance. 

Prominent drink brand, Glenfiddich, was also well-represented at the event, to give it an extra flavour of sophistication. 

Several fashion frontliners toasted to Yutee’s thoughtfulness and creative wits, as they all reflected on the strains of the pandemic’s peak and shared hopes for the industry’s rebound.

The illustrious fashion designer is set to rock the industry once more with the release of a new collection on the first of April, 2021, a seven day open house would be held at her Abuja location where the gorgeous pieces would be made available to the public.

Ever a trailblazer, we cannot wait to see what Yutee has in store.