Dressing casually doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style and elegance. Whether you’re relaxing or running errands or going for a casual dinner. It is important to always look elegant for every occasion.

When looking for a casual outfit, finding the right balance between comfort, functionality and style is key.

 Whatever casual function you have to attend, don’t be lazy about it. Always put in the effort to look elegant and appear sophisticated.

There are lots of sophisticated dress designs that can be matched for any kind of casual event, and yeah, there is no such thing as being overdressed, but you may look out of place if you aren’t appropriately dressed for an event, especially a casual one.

The first thing to keep in mind when dressing for a casual event is to never lose your sense of style, you can glam up while still looking casual.

There is a thin line between comfort and laziness, try not to cross it. Casual doesn’t mean careless, so when choosing an outfit put a lot of thought into it.

Think of the fabric of whatever choice comes to mind, clothes made from polyester are a no, as they may look tacky, instead of polyester, tilt towards getting dresses made from silk, cashmere, or even satin. Linen can also be a great choice. The idea is to work around fabrics that look more expensive and elegant.

You can also layer your outfits by adding Blazes, scarves, cardigans, and designer bags.

Avoid gowns that flow to the ground, and wear clothes that are free and aren’t too short. Wearing clothes that are too short can make you feel uncomfortable and make you too conscious of yourself.

If you’re going for an outdoor event, you may wear something that doesn’t expose your skin to UV rays as this can be unhealthy.

You may also want to try new colors that suit your skin tone, avoid colors like neon or bright orange as they are considered not elegant. Colors like nude, pastel, red are more feminine and can go anytime, any day.

Avoid crop tops, T-shirts with cartoons and funny drawings as it appears tacky and childish. There is a way to pair this though, which can be done by pairing child-like tops with a more formal bottom and classy layers such as a sweater.

Embrace white shorts or white jeans for a more expensive look. 

Handbags with wear and tear, wrinkled clothing, or hanging threads show disregard for your clothing. 

Always wear accessories especially small and discreet. High-quality gold and white gold look best.

Accessories can take your look from 0 to 100 real quick, no matter how minimalistic your look is, always try to switch it up with nice accessories. 

At Yutee Rone, although the memo is not necessarily “casual” there are some fabulous pieces which can be paired with more laid back attires for a casual and elegant look.

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