I know you can’t wait for me to get right into this, lol !!! It’s nothing personal. We all have different views on fashion. In my opinion, fashion is what makes me comfortable and makes me stand out. In most cases what I wear speaks for me and I never would like to be caught unfresh. There are several things to look out for when dressing for different occasions. Today I’d be sharing a few sage words on FASHION DOS’ AND DON’TS’ – COCKTAIL EDITION. 

First of all, cocktail attire is appropriate to wear to parties and other semi formal events. I would be highlighting things to do & things to not do in dressing for a cocktail event. 

One, cocktail attire usually is a dress that is above the knees- please save your micro mini’s for the club, if you want to keep it classy, going too short is a no no.

Two, cocktail looks should always appear sophisticated, you can also embrace colors and uniqueness as long as it’s not too loud or disconcerting.

Below are some dos & don’ts picked out for you as regards dressing for a cocktail event.

Do not confuse the cocktail party with a night out with your girls. Be watchful of your outfit, don’t pull a kylie jenner-hot girl summer (because Kylie knows how to dress for a cocktail event) with this type of outfit.

Don’t show up in jeans 

I get it,  jeans are comfortable- for most of us, but it’s not an appropriate outfit for a cocktail event. Remember, dress to make a statement and stand out while at it, but wearing jeans trousers is a NO . Try swapping those for chic palazzo pants and you are on the right track.

Do midi sized dresses, not ballroom dresses

Keep those ball gowns for your Cinderella moments. When it comes to cocktail looks, I suggest that you steer  away from wearing gowns that trail out.  

Midi dresses are perfect for a cocktail event. However  if you are not comfortable with shorter ones your options are still unlimited. 

There are so many fashion faux pas to address, but for today I will keep it short and sweet. Take these tips ladies and hold it to heart.

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