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Hello there, fashion lover!

Being elegant is something everyone should strive to become, it enables you to have respect from those around you, it shows that you hold a lot more respect for yourself and this can help your personal confidence.
An elegant woman attracts respect from everyone she meets. No matter your age, style or where you come from If you don’t know what elegance is all about it is not too late to learn about it.
Here are some tips to help you begin your elegance journey.

  • Fix your posture: A correct posture helps accentuate your body, and gives more grace to your silhouette. Body posture is really important as it makes your clothing look better.
  • Put a lot of thought into your outfits: Putting a lot of thought into your outfits tells more about you as a woman, it shows that you have respect for yourself and are not careless about your appearance, which is a very feminine feature.
  • Wear flattering clothes: More than just having a wardrobe full of clothes, having pieces that make you feel good and elegance is key. Learning what works best for your skin tone, body type and personal style is key to beginning your elegance journey. This helps redirect your focus and it helps you know what to look out for when shopping for your wardrobe. Flattering clothes always compliment your look because it gives you confidence.

  • Invest in yourself: Invest in being the best version of yourself invest in your grooming, your hair, nails and clothing. Make sure that you appear well groomed and graceful. Clean your nails properly, avoid moving around with untidy or chirped nails. Make sure there are no hanging threads in your outfit and your hair is neatly put together.
  • Invest in Brands that make elegant wears: If there’s anything that Yutee Rone Atelier is dedicated to, it is making clothes that give grace and style to women striving to remain elegant. Avoid clothes that look tacky and have poor finishing.
  • Always be mindful of your appearance: Paying attention to your appearance can do a whole lot of good. Imagine how embarrassing it can be for your brief to keep sticking out without your knowledge.
  • Add statement pieces: Statement pieces like high quality handbags, jewelries, pearls, quality shoes and hats are really good tricks to elevate your whole look regardless of the season. Statement pieces help you look more glamourous.