For the longest time, I feel the colour pink has had the baby boomers generation in a chokehold. Pink as a colour mostly felt forced on me, from pink clothes to pink bags to pink phones to pink PSP’s! Yes, even gaming consoles. My parents felt like if it has to do with a girl child then it should be pink. Thus I sort of loathed the colour.

It was not until recently, that I found myself gravitating towards wearing more pink hues, and loving how I looked in it. There is just something about any shade of pink draped on lush brown skin; in all her collections Yutee has not forgotten to remind us of how daring, flirty and unique the colour pink can be as she shows off beautiful shades of pink paired with her impeccable designs. Let’s take a dive into Yutee’s creative mind space, and see just how daring and flirty pink can be. 

In her Off Season 20 collection, she makes us so spoilt for choice, giving us quite a number of thrilling and daring looks. A personal favourite is definitely the rosette floral top, paired with sheer pink floral somewhat palazzo pants, which comes off as fittingly elegant, flirty and effortless. Another inspired look is the Blush Kimono, which I feel screams versatility, it is a statement piece that can easily be dressed down or complemented with accessories to give it an even richer look.

In her Off Season 21 Yutee gives us a run for our money with flirty elegant looks as can be seen above. From multiple frill dresses to high slits, there is really a PINK look for every occasion at Yutee’s Atelier and we just love to see it.