There are certain colors that date back so far that they are described as traditional, such colors include, black, white, grey, and navy. In recent times the color brown and its different shades have joined this list, making the person who wears the outfit look chic and smart all day, every day. 

While a true fashionista knows how to style any color from the rainbow (and then some) in such a way that she comes out looking elegant, classy, and appropriately dressed for any situation, there are certain colors that make this process easier and serve as the perfect signature color.


Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese fashion designer once said ‘Black is considered a classy and chic color.  It’s a gorgeous, serious, and strong color. “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious.” 

This perfectly sums up my feelings about black. Inventions such as “the little black dress” are there for a reason. Black is beautiful and is the first choice when it comes to choosing a classic signature color to wear each day. It communicates so much without having to be too flashy, it can be dressy, toned down, dramatic, and simply classic.


Funny enough this color does not have as much leeway as black in my opinion, but it is still a classic color nonetheless. It is a lot more flashy than black but its solid base is immaculate and the message is loud and clear “pure angel vibes”.

Either way White is definitely a classic color that can be rocked every day

Brown- Nude (That whole Spectrum)

Classic apparel is usually in a neutral color scheme. 

Wearers like to remain unobtrusive and avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. If you dislike bright colors a neutral palette is the way to go and nothing screams neutral, deep, and earthy like brown in all its different shades. 

Neutrals in the spectrum of brown stand out due to their simplicity and elegance. Brown for me is a personal favorite as it can be played with, unlike colors such as Grey.

Classic colors debunk the need to waste time debating what compliments what (they go with everything)

Classic clothing is structured, crisp, and smooth, it was created to take away from the bother of everyday dress and to help the wearer feel more ordered. Wearing one color every day for the rest of your life simply isn’t for everyone, but if it happens to be for you, a few colors such as Black, White, Brown, Neutral and Grey are great choices for that uniform, chic look.

Of Course, like a true fashionista, you can decide to rock pink all day every day like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, but to avoid getting bored, go with our recommendation.

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